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Zielony Ogród Restaurant

         A restaurant run by passion for good cuisine! The restaurant offers its own production of cold cuts and freshly smoked fish from a natural hardwood smokehouse. The highest quality raw materials come from local farms, which guarantees an unforgettable taste of the dishes. This is the only restaurant in Zabrze that has a real wood-fired stone oven that gives the pizza a unique Italian taste.

         The unusual atmosphere of the Zielony Ogród restaurant is an ideal place both for a romantic evening by candlelight and a glass of wine, as well as for family gatherings and other celebrations.

The restaurant is a member of the Silesian Tastes Culinary Trail.


In the Silesian Tastes Menu we recommend:

ulica Roberta Miki 3
41-811 Zabrze
w mieście
Informacje ogólne
: restauracja, szlak kulinarny
: polska, staropolska, śląska, włoska
: 32 275 63 33
Ceny i udogodnienia
: akceptujemy płatność kartą, klimatyzacja, parking, parking dla rowerów, udogodnienia dla dzieci
: whole year

poniedziałek-piątek 13:00-22:00

sobota-niedziela 12:00-22:00

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City audio tours
Zapraszamy na audiowycieczkę po centrum Zabrza!
In winter 1945, having forced the Germans to retreat the Red Army entered the areas of Upper Silesia.The victorious Soviet soldiers spread terror in Silesian towns and villages. They committed murders, rapes and robberies. The tragic events took place, among others, in Przyszowice near Gliwice. The Red Army entered the village in January 27, 1945 and killed about 60 men, women and children. The victims are honored with the plaque at the local cemetery only in 2005.
Przyszowice lies in the district of Gliwice, in the commune of Gierałtowice. The oldest mention of the village dates from 1305, and it appears on the list of bishops revenues. One of a few local monuments is a palace built by the von Raczek family, at the end of the nineteenth century. The palace is sited next to the church, granary, and the old school. The palace is an Eclectic, two-storey building on the plan similar to a rectangle, with two towers. Ii is surrounded by a park with an area of 8.4 ha.
Przyszowice is a village lying in the district of Gliwice, in the commune of Gierałtowice. In the village, we can see a parsonic granary. This is one of the typical small rural barns. This property is located in the garden of the presbytery, next to the church of Saint John of Nepomuk, which was erected in 1783. The historic parsonic granary in Przyszowice is one of the sites on the Wooden Architecture Trail of the Silesia province.
Korty tenisowe PARK położone są obok rozległych obszarów leśnych w Gliwicach Sośnicy. Bardzo łatwy dojazd Drogową Trasą Średnicową: prosto z DTŚ wjazd na korty – zarówno od strony Gliwic, jak Katowic.
The Chamber of Tradition of the Coal Mine "Sośnica" in Gliwice is housed in the still operating Coal Mine "Sośnica-Makoszowy". It collects memorabilia related to mining operations in Sośnica. In this museum we will see, among others, mining equipment, uniforms, maps and plans, documents, photographs, reconstructions of the director’s office room and a workplace of the cage loader or a model of the mine buildings that no longer exist.
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Silesian Flavours Culinary Trail
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It is a family confectionery that was founded in early 1990s.
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Park Hotel Diament Zabrze is new, the only four-star hotel in Zabrze, located near the major routes of Silesia (motorway A4, A1, DTS, DK88) and the historic coal mine GUIDO. The attractive location of the hotel allows you to move freely throughout the agglomeration - in just 10 minutes you can reach the Gliwice or Chorzów, in 15 minutes the city center of Katowice. Airport Katowice – Pyrzowice is only 30 km away from hotel, Krakow - Balice airport is just 85 km away.
The hotel is located in a relatively short distance from the city center. The hotel is also a perfect starting point to visiting tourist attractions of the Upper Silesia such as The Museum of Coal Mine GUIDO, Museum of PRL (People’s Republic of Poland), Coal Mine LUIZA and many other.
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