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The Upper Liswarta Forests Landscape Park

The Upper Liswarta Forests Landscape Park lies in the region of the vast woodlands between Częstochowa and Lubliniec. The region differs considerably from other parts of the Silesian Voivodeship, and it resembles other quite different areas of Poland. Low-lying, partly swampy areas, a picturesque river valley, a few wildlife reserves attract hikers who prefer off the beaten tracks.

Region Lubliniecko-Kłobucki
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: whole year
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: nature reserve / environmental use area, park & garden, landscape parks

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One of the largest Polish investments of the interwar period was the construction of the so-called Polish Coal Trunk-Line. It connected Upper Silesia with the newly built port of Gdynia. This project was of great importance, since coal was then the main Polish export commodity. The Józef Nowkuński Chamber of Tradition of the Polish Coal Trunk-Line was opened in the building of the railroad station in Herby Nowe in 1993. The chamber has collected thousands of the exhibits associated with the coal trunk-line.
The church of Saint Martin in Cieszowa was built in the early eighteenth century, on the site of an older building, which had been erected by Protestants at the end of the sixteenth century. The nave and chancel were built in carcass construction, and the tower was made in pole construction. The building is covered with a shingle. The bell tower is decorated with a bulbous helmet. A smaller, similar helmet crowns the turret over the main nave. An interesting feature are the low arcades running around the church - the so-called “soboty”.
The Jewish cemetery in Cieszowa near Koszęcin is one of the oldest in Silesia. Tradition says that the presence of Jews in the village dates back to the late Middle Ages. We know that from the mid-eighteenth century to the beginning of the last century, there was a fine, wooden synagogue in Cieszowa. Unfortunately, it was demolished. On the cemetery, located near the village, there are graves from the eighteenth and later centuries. The old trees in the graveyard were blown down by a hurricane in August 2008.
The nature reserve "Cisy nad Liswartą” (The Yew trees on the Listwarna River) is a forest and flora reserve. The protected area of the reserve is almost 24 hectares, and it is located in the commune of Herby, near the hamlet of Łęg. The Reserve was established in 1957. Apart from the yew trees, there are several communities of the protected plants, here. Currently, this area is part of the Nature Park "Forests on the Upper Liswarta". One can learn more about the reserve thanks to the educational trail.
The village of Kochanowice, which is the seat of the commune, lies in the district of Lubliniec, in the so-called White Silesia. A road from Częstochowa to Lubliniec runs through the village. There is a palace built at the beginning of the nineteenth century. It originally belonged to the family of von Aulock. In the interwar period, after the land subdivision by the District Land Office, it became the seat of the local school. It has served this purpose to this day.
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