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Tavern "Giles 2"

We would like to invite you to our inn, where, in a pleasant and cozy interior professionally organize your family every event, greeting and business. Menu and prices will adjust to your needs and abilities.

We organize the following admissions:

* Weddings (up to 60 people, including band selection)
* Communion
* Wake
* Business meetings
* Stag (the possibility of additional sites)
* Hen (the possibility of additional sites)
* Arrange the adoption in your home (catering)

We also organize special events:

* New Year's Eve
* Valentine's Day
* Women's Day
* Proms small (60 people)


EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY FROM 2:00 TO 20:00 HOURS WELCOME TO dancing to live music!

We provide a friendly atmosphere, fun and memories back to the old and new pieces of music. To meet your expectations and needs also to organize a dance during every event (birthday, anniversary, which will allow you to reduce costs associated with renting the adoption of a band.


* Wee banquet for about 1922-1925 people.
* The main hall for 60-90 people, depending on the type of adoption
* We also have the possibility to rent conference rooms for approximately 20-400 people
ulica Pawliczka 1
41-800 Zabrze
w centrum miasta
Informacje ogólne
: karczma
: polska, regionalna, śląska
: (32) 271 12 31 wew.2
: 0 507 099 191, 0 501
Ceny i udogodnienia
: akceptujemy płatność
: whole year

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City audio tours
Zapraszamy na audiowycieczkę po centrum Zabrza!
W 1983 roku dyrekcja KWK „Zabrze – Bielszowice” podjęła decyzję budowy nowej sztolni szkoleniowo-propagandowej, którą połączono ze starymi wyrobiskami dawnej kopalni „Królowa Luiza”. Powstała wzorcowa sztolnia szkoleniowa, doskonale imitująca prawdziwą kopalnię i posiadająca zmechanizowane ściany wydobywcze. Otwarcie całego zespołu wyrobisk, nazwanego Ośrodkiem Szkolenia Zawodowego i Propagandy Górnictwa przy KWK „Zabrze – Bielszowice”, nastąpiło w grudniu 1985 r. Współcześnie na bazie dawnego ośrodka szkoleniowego i wyrobisk „Królowej Luizy” powstał Park 12C, dedykowany przede wszystkim dla rodzinom z dziećmi i zorganizowanym grupom szkolnym.
The water tower at Zamojskiego Street in Zabrze is one of the largest and most original buildings of this kind not only in Silesia, but also in the whole country. The tower was built in 1909. It is located on an elevated hill, which dominates over the surrounding area. The tower supplied water until after the war. The tower is supported by pillars placed on an octagonal plan and a central pillar. The part with the tank was covered with a mansard roof. The lower floors were occupied by workers’ flats and utility rooms.
The Upper Silesian Breweries in Zabrze boast of more than a 150- year-old tradition and continue to brew beer nowadays. The first brewery in today's Zabrze was launched by Loebel Haendler in 1860. It was located at the road called The Way of the Heir to the Throne - later, the main street of the city - Wolności Street, which means Liberty Street. Beer from the HAENDLER brewery enjoyed great reputation - some brands were also popular outside Silesia. Today, the brewery is modern, however, a few pre-war buildings and traditional equipment for brewing beer have been preserved.
Wolności Street (Liberty Street) in Zabrze is the thoroughfare of the city, and one of the longest in Poland. It stretches for almost 10 km, from the border with Ruda Śląska (in the east) to the Gliwice (in the west). While walking along Wolności Street, we will encounter, among others, three churches (including the historic wooden church of Saint Hedwig), the Mining Museum "Królowa Luiza (Queen Louise)" and the impressive building of the former hotel "Admiralspalast". In the central part the street is an elegant promenade of Zabrze
""Queen Louise"" in Zabrze is the oldest state-run coal mine in Upper Silesia. Its origins date back to 1791. In 1993, the Mining Heritage Park "Queen Louise” was opened in the mine. The biggest attraction is an underground tourist route with a length of over 1.5 km. A visit to the museum provides a unique opportunity to see up close the work of a miner, mining machines and devices, and even taste some of the Silesian dishes.
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Ruda Śląska
The restaurant is located near the CH Plaza, offers catering services, organizes special events and trainings.
The restaurant is located in the center - between the two main streets: May 3, and Liberty, located about 300 meters from the railway station.
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