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Hunter's Inn "Under the Forest"

History of the Inn Hunter's "Under the Forest" begins in 1846, then here was a hunting lodge belonging to the family Donersmarcków. Currently, the historic house is a restaurant styled hunting. This is an unusual and charming place on the outskirts of Piekary Śląskie. At a restaurant in a former hunting lodge family Donnersmarck is a stud farm. In the wooden stables 30 horses lives of different races, such as: Malopolska, Wielkopolska, Polish horse and Arabian horse. Thanks to everyone, even the youngest fan riding a horse to find the best of their abilities. Equestrian Center located at the stud horse "Under the Forest", to conduct horse riding with qualified instructors. The resort also offers horse boarding house, rental boxes.
street Gajowa 4
41 - 943 Piekary Śląskie
Piekary Śląskie
in the forest
General Information
: restaurant, inn
: Polish
Contact data
: + 48 (0) 32 381 53 1
: + 48 (0) 32 381 53 1
: whole year

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City audio tours
Zapraszamy na audiowycieczkę po Piekarach Śląskich!
The Bunker No. 52 of the Fortified Area of "Silesia " in a Dobieszowiceach is a perfectly preserved part of the Polish line of fortifications, which was built in the interwar period along the Polish-German border in order to protect Silesia, the most industrialized region of Poland. The Association for Fortification Monuments "Pro Fortalicium” renovated the bunker and created a museum chamber, in which we can learn about the living conditions of the soldiers, as well as about their weapons, and many other curiosities.
Dobieszowice, now lying in Bobrowniki muncipality in Będzin county, date back to the beginning of 13th c. The Duchy of Siewierz, in which Dobieszowice lay, was owned by Silesian princes until 1443, when it became an ecclesiastical duchy to be incorporated to the Polish Crown in 1790. The village was owned by noblemen (in order of succession) : Tarnowski, Florian Chrząstowski, Hynek Bruntalski, Jarocki, Frankenberg, Piegłowski, Zalassowski and Józef Psarski, Jakubowski, Henckl von Donnersmarck.
The church in Bobrowniki is the oldest monument of wooden architecture in the district of Będzin. The church was built at the beginning of the sixteenth century. Alongside with a stone enclosure and a cemetery the church is on the List of heritage registers. After the construction of a new church in Bobrowniki, the church fell into disuse, and is currently under renovation. It is located on the Wooden Architecture Trail of the Silesia province.
Piekary Śląskie
The basilica in Piekary Śląskie is one of the largest sanctuaries in Silesia, and also one of the better-known centers of Marian devotion across the country. The local Shrine of Our Lady of Charity and Social Justice is primarily known for organizing May pilgrimages for men and August ones for women, whose tradition goes back to the interwar period. Each of them numbers from 80 to 120 thousand pilgrims, mostly from Upper Silesia.
Piekary Śląskie
The Piekarska Calvary is one of the most famous pilgrimage destinations in Poland. It was built in the late nineteenth century on the hill of Cerekwica, which is adjacent to the Shrine of Our Lady of Charity and Social Justice in Piekary Śląskie. It consists of Stations of the Way of the Cross, a Gothic Calvary Church of the Resurrection, and a number of other chapels and stations associated with the subject of Passion.
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Piekary Śląskie
The restaurant is located in a residential Buczka Piekary Slaskie, offers a national cuisine based on recipes of the highest quality and Italian cuisine.
Piekary Śląskie
Restaurant "La Maddalena" is a newly established restaurant in Piekary Slaskie with a Mediterranean climate.
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