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Margo Wishotel

The accommodation is located near the park and spa "Niwka.
ulica Wojska Polskiego 199
41-208 Sosnowiec
w mieście
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: brak
: +48 (0) 32 263 25 01
: +48 (0) 32 263 10 80
: +48 (0) 32 263 25 01
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: 54
: 34
: akceptujemy płatność kartą, parking strzeżony, tv/sat, zwierzęta mile widziane
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: whole year

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The City Sports and Recreation Center in Sosnowiec has two indoor swimming pools, an outdoor swimming pool and one open-air swimming bath. One of the most popular facilities of water recreation is the indoor swimming pool at Majora Henryka „Hubala” Dobrzańskiego Street, located in Klimontów, a district of Sosnowiec. Here you can both swim in a large swimming pool, and use a sauna or a gym.
In the center of Sosnowiec, in Sielec, a district located on the Czarna Przemsza river, there is an impressive building of the former palace of the Schöns, which in the interwar years was the seat of the District Court. The Eclectic palace was erected for the family of industrialists - Franz and Emma Schön at the beginning of the last century. Once the palace with a distinctive Gothic tower was surrounded by a large park lying on the river with an artificial cave, garden sheds and sculptures.
There are three Jewish cemeteries in today’s Sosnowiec. The largest of them, located at Gospodarcza Street, was established in the late nineteenth century and is still being used. On the cemetery we can encounter beautiful examples of Jewish sepulchral art, such as the ohel grave of Rabbi Meir Gitler. The oldest cemetery in Sosnowiec is found in Modrzejów. It may have been founded at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The third and the smallest cemetery are located at Stalowa Street.
Despite the modern, industrial character, Mysłowice has preserved a historic urban layout, whose origins date back to the Middle Ages. The Old Town is situated on the left bank of the Czarna Przemsza. Its center forms a four-sided market square with four streets running out of its corners, which is typical for the towns located according to German law. The downtown buildings come mainly from the second half of the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth centuries.
The chapel located in Mysłowice at the present Krakowska Street is called the Jarlik chapel. It is one of the city’s landmarks. In 1745, a small chapel was founded here by Mr. and Mrs. Jarlik. They founded it because of Prussian persecution. The authorities put ban on traditional processions to the places, which then lay across the Polish border.
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Restaurant with traditional regional cuisine, located in the center of the market.
The restaurant specializes in organizing weddings and the occasional (maximum 80 people).
The restaurant is located in the basement Sieleckiego Castle, the former estate of Count Renard, famous for its rich collection of premium wines from around the world.
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